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Why Elect Me?

I’m not here to win you over with endorsements, I have many friends, regular people just like you and I, that can, and will, speak of my commitment to this community. Just ask around your neighbourhood. Though, my commitment to the community speaks for itself, from coaching local sports, charity involvement and being an active and productive member of our community, online and off. I’m honest and do my best to carry myself with integrity. I’m as tired of the career politicians as the next person, its time for a new generation of leaders to step up.

My approach is direct and straight forward, sometimes it comes off strong, but to address and resolve issues we need clarity and to set measurable goals. I will stand for you, our community, and our environment if you place your trust in me on October 15th. Regardless, I will not stop vigorous efforts to hold every Councillor accountable to our community and every decision they make.

Ajax is a beautiful town we are all proud to live in, but let’s face it, some things have been cancelled, delayed, or reduced at best. We need to promote small business as well as bring in good paying jobs, not just for our youth but for the working families. Many of us are commuting one to two hours daily and we should be working in our own community. This travel takes time away from our families and the things that matter to us the most. Having high paying jobs in our community, right at our door steps, means more than just taxes for Ajax, it means more time with family and this beautiful community and less time traveling on the highways or trains. We need good paying jobs, with easy transit access, whether you are travelling from the south end to the north or the north coming to the south. Attracting schools of higher learning, like U of T or Durham College, to Ajax will give more access to higher education with less travel and provide local job opportunities at every functional level.

I am just your every-day neighbour, trying to make our community better for my family and yours. Have a voice on October 15th and continue to have that voice well past the election.

Vote anywhere, anytime between October 15 – 22, 2018

My voice will ensure YOURS is heard

Thank you

Matthew Barstool Pond